The Games & Entertainment Division has released the Lit version of “NOVA Shader“, a multifunctional shader for Unity’s Particle System.

What is NOVA Shader?

NOVA Shader is multifunctional shaders for the Particle System, which can be used in Unity’s Universal Render Pipeline (URP).

NOVA Shader
NOVA Shader

Frequently used functions are implemented in a single shader, so you can create various visual effects efficiently by combine these functions. Specifically, flowmap, flipbook, dissolve, fade, emission, distortion, and other functions are implemented.

Lit version released

Previously, only unlit version was available. In other words, it could not be affected by lights and reflections.

In contrast, we have now added a lit version of the shader. This shader uses physically based shading, so it is possible to create visual effects that are affected by lights and refrections.

The following figure shows an example using lit version, which clearly reflects the environment reflections.

Lit Version

The implementation of lighting is based on URP’s. Therefore, it can be used together with URP’s Lit shader without any discomfort.

Download and Documentation

This shader is available on GitHub as MIT licensed OSS. Please visit the following repositories for download and documentation.

NOVA Shader

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